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It’s Dasara again!!

It’s the time again to see Mysuru city with most of its buildings, monuments, circles and streets beautifully lit up with vibrant light designs. It’s the time again to feel…
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Preetha D’Souza

Let’s make Incredible India a developed country

‘Inquilab zindabad’, ‘Jai hind’, ‘Vande mataram’, ‘Karo ya maro’, ‘Chale jaao’, ‘Aaram haram hai’…….. were the slogans called out and shouted by thousands and thousands, years ago in India. The…
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Preetha D’Souza, Mysuru

The Ultimate Joke

Death is the most sentimental, emotional, sad event to the concerned family members and others. It’s a last farewell honour given to a beloved person. It is believed, Saint Peter,…
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Stany D’Souza Bajpe

Reality Shows

Reality shows seem to have seized the imagination of the country. Turn on your television set and take your pick. In the mood for a talent hunt? Try the Indian…
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Trishma Pinto

From Darkness to Light

Darkness. Pitch black darkness. Her eyes are open yet closed. Her eyes seek light. They search hard. She tosses over in her bed. This is a bad dream she says…
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Rowena Pereira

Dial J for Journalism

There was a time when a mere interest in Journalism (or just a social concern) and a little flair for writing – was enough to get into a newspaper. And…
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Marriage: A must read

“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again…