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Teaching, a profession that teaches all other professions

Preetha D’Souza, Mysuru

Posted on : September 5, 2016 at 10:08 AM

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Class, subject, assembly, attendance, blackboard, competitions, excursion, lunch break, playground, sports, homework, punishment, tests, internals, exams – these are some of those unforgettable words that take us back to our school and college days, where we spent most of our valuable years of our life.

Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_05All of us have fond memories from school and college, perhaps the best ones, no matter who, what or how old we are. Throughout these years we have come across many teachers of various personalities. Every teacher we have seen is different in thoughts, teaching, dedication, interaction and approach. Every teacher has an identity as a person who plays a very pivotal role in a student’s life.

Reviving school and college days is not complete without mentioning our most or least favorite teacher or the teacher who has praised us a lot or punished us a lot. When we remember our teachers after several years, we do not think about the lessons or exam. There are far deeper things that we recollect.

Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_03 Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_02

Many a times in casual chats with my parents and elders, I have observed them saying, ‘’We had a teacher who taught us Maths wonderfully, we had a teacher who taught us poems through songs, we had wonderful teachers, we had good old fun times at school”. My dad still remembers few of the poems learnt during his school and very often hear him reciting them in the tone he learnt. Recalling and pondering on the wonderful teachers we had, morals and lessons we learnt from them has no restriction of time or age.

Years ago, when I was as a young student at school, I found the teachers very attractive as the ones made for us, to teach us to read and write, to teach us to sing and dance and play, to teach us lessons and morals, and encourage us whatever we were talented in. Now, when I think about them I realize the truth that, they played a very crucial role with all dedication and hard work, in lying the foundation for lifelong learning and moulding us into a respectable human being and in times being a friend, philosopher and guide.

Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_06

The profession of teaching has long been called ‘Noble’. And its quite rightly so. We have seen or heard in movies or read in books on examples of teachers being inspirational and students being thankful and grateful to their teachers. We must have also known some real life examples on how a teacher has influenced or motivated a student in growing into a great person and achieving heights of success. Teachers make a difference. The life stories of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Dr.  APJ Abdul Kalam, reveals us how influenced were they by their teachers.

A teacher affects eternity. One can never say where his/her influence stops. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. Personally having seen wonderful teachers and being influenced by them made me take up the teaching profession after my studies. Initially, I had a privilege to teach the kids at a convent school. My first day as a teacher at the school was the most memorable one. All attention on the new teacher, kids trying to approach the teacher and wanting to know more about her. I could recall my school days and my teachers. I put into myself all possible basic characteristics a teacher must have. The major thought I kept in my mind was, ‘teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best’. A short time of a couple of months spent with the children made me personally analyze the young minds and thoughts, and experience their innocence, fun, smartness and immaturity. The immediate transition of my student life to a professional life was very challenging which I did manage well.  At present, as I teach the college students, who are far more mature and different from the school kids, I had to make changes in my way of approach and teaching. I realized the fact that a teacher must be ever ready for any change required for the students’ pace and betterment, and improve teaching by self-learning.

Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_04 Budkulo_Preetha_Teachers Day_01

It is actually very difficult and challenging to be a teacher, because a teacher is the only person who handles many distinct personalities and minds at one same time. It’s a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction when a student recognizes and approaches a teacher anywhere seen outside after a long time and to hear from them. So the bottom line is, ‘Am loving what am doing and doing what I love. Am proud of my profession and being a teacher is a highest privilege’.

In the present days, most of the students aspire to become Doctors or Engineers, but don’t see teaching as a career option. The profession is not respected as it should be. But it will always have its immortal value and influence as on from ages and ages, as teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions.

To all the teachers who are dedicated and determined!

To all the teachers who teach from heart and find pleasure!

To all the teachers who love the students and bring changes in their lives!

To all the teachers who take the hands, open the minds and touch the hearts!

To all the teachers who aspires hope, ignites imagination and instills a love of learning!


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  1. Good one Preetha,
    Thank u for making us to look back our student life..
    Keep on doing…
    All the best

  2. Dear TEACHER and my FRIEND, It’s a really touching and true article ……..
    And you too are really loving TEACHER and BEST FRIEND …… to all like me and other your students
    ….. Thanks For Everything……

  3. Congratulations Preetha!!! Very good reflections of who and what a teacher is, comong from the heart of a young, noble teacher. Teaching surely is a calling, where the teacher, like a mother/father, gives the child not merely home work but something to take home for life. I fully agree with you that the best teachers teach from the heart and not from the books. Also the journey of all other professions begin under the watchful eye of a teacher. Well done, keep up your good spirit.

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